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mestchallenge05's Journal

Mest Icon/Graphix Community
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Welcome to the Mest Icon and graphics community. Here you will compete with your fellow livejournal mates by making graphics and whatnot.
First Competetion will be as soon as we get 10 members. from there thats when the timing will start. you will have 5 day from the time the challenge is posted then you will have 2 days to vote.
Then the next challenge will be up.

1 use your own icons
2 make the icons during the week
3 use only one name to post icons (i will be logging ip's so if there 2 names with one you will be discolofied unless your sisters or use the same compter but i will need proof.)
4 when posting your icons please use this form


__rockmygraphix || simplygraphix__ || rock_challenge ||311_challenge || matt_loves_jere ||a7x_challenge|| whatsthatlyric || toonchallenge || fatal_challenge